Lawyers for Businesses, Individuals and Families

Welcome to Singian Law

Singian Law is a boutique versatile law firm serving both individuals and businesses in Southern California. Our attorneys handle lawsuits involving individuals and businesses, including class actions, prepare and negotiate contracts, assist with copyright and trademark registrations, plan for the future of personal and business assets, and handle related disputes through trial. Whether it’s business disputes or personal concerns, Singian Law provides as much attention, energy and passion in fighting for and protecting your interests as you have in developing them.


Our Practice Areas

Business Law

We assist startups, established businesses, entities winding down, companies in litigation.

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Civil Litigation

We litigate business, contract, intellectual property, entertainment, fashion, sports, probate, family law disputes, including class actions.

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Class Action Litigation

We handle class action matters including consumer claims for deceptive and false advertising, product defects, personal injury.

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Intellectual Property Law

We handle copyright and trademark registration; copyright infringement, trademark infringement, trade secret litigation, NDAs, work for hire agreements.

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Entertainment Law

We handle entertainment contracts and litigation, copyright and trademark protection, idea theft, unauthorized use of name and likeness, cyber harassment.

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Fashion Law

We prepare fashion industry contracts, handle fashion litigation, intellectual property registration and infringement claims, corporate structuring.

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Sports Law

We negotiate and prepare sports business, sponsorship, and employment agreements, sports clinic waivers, and handle sports litigation.

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Estate Planning, Probate

We prepare wills, trusts, health directives, and powers of attorney, and handle probate, conservatorships, guardianships, and related litigation.

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