Following a three-week jury trial of a case involving breach of contract, breach of duty of loyalty, interference with economic relations, and unfair competition, among other claims, Singian Law fashion industry client was awarded $8.7 million.  In post-trial jury questioning, jurors complimented Ms. Brandt’s trial and examination skills, calling her relentless and “dragon”-like, particularly on cross-exam.  Singian Law will always strive to achieve the best results for its clients.

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USC Alumni Association Honors Lizelle Brandt With President’s Award

Lizelle Brandt was honored with the President’s Award, which is the highest award the USC Alumni Association bestows to its alumni at its annual Volunteer Recognition Dinner.  Lizelle is President Emeritus of the USC Alumni Club of San Gabriel Valley, and served as President of the alumni club from 2012-2014.  Read attached excerpt from the program profiling her here.



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